Client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for what our clients say about us
  • I was never hungry and I experienced increased energy levels. I found the approach or plan very easy to follow, even on a sometimes very busy schedule. There was accountability and guidance provided that assisted in reaching my goal of losing 40 pounds in 4 months. (And Thanksgiving and Christmas were couched within those 4 months.)

    Michael J. Manley,

  • The Medifast meals gave me a simple way to have the balance of protein and carbohydrates I needed to control my hunger and cravings while I lost weight! I am now maintaining my weight loss using the same balance that I learned from Michelle. My results are fantastic!!! Michelle and Medifast gave me the means to lose 58 pounds and 33 inches. I feel GREAT!!!!

    H. Sanford,

  • Kendall Anderson

    Michelle has an excellent work ethic and is very creative in her approach to solving problems. She also has a unique way of creating a positive attitude in others all the while focusing on the main objective(s). Michelle comes highly recommended from me as being professional at what she does and yet having fun at the same time.

    Kendall Anderson,

  • I started the Medifast Program on January 6, 2011 and in two months I lost 50 pounds and lost a total of 17 inches. Was taking 8 different prescription medications for blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol, blood thinners, is now only taking one prescription for hereditary cholesterol. Feels great, lots more energy.

    Ronnie Burns,

  • I could not have lost 125 lbs and 50 inches if it were not for Michelle Johnson at Wellness Works. She has been there to keep me motivated along with the necessary nutritional information to make sure that I reached my goal. The Medifast program helped me get my life back!

    C. Cooper,

  • MediFast was the easiest eating plan I have ever been on, and I’ve tried several. I lost 60 pounds in 6 months. Not having to count calories, plan meals and go to the grocery store all the time makes MediFast easy to follow. Michelle’s counseling provides “why” the plan works and makes sticking to it easy. I’m happy with the way I feel and look!

    Lisa Todd,

  • Thank you, Michelle Johnson! My weight had gradually increased over the years and I found it becoming more difficult to lose the weight. Medifast is a safe and effective weight loss program that I found out was very convenient. Having Michelle to support, encourage, and challenge me made it a great experience. I lost 35 Pounds and gone from a size 10 to a size 2 and feel fabulous!!

    S. Hickman,

  • I first started my nutrition program back in November. Imagine, trying to lose weight through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! Plus we had a vacation cruise! Michelle has worked with me directly with expert planning, advice and food plans that work. I have lost 35 pounds and doing great! Her program works, the foods are effective and I've got more energy than I've had since high school!

    Brad T,